Mouse and Muse: Trevor’s Website

Trevor is a writer of… poetry for children and adults, short stories, a novel, books of local interest, education resources.

Seems like he just can’t stop…

He regularly performs and collaborates with Dez Allenby and Graham Langley as ‘Three Voices’.


An overview of things I’ve written over the years, divided into Stories & Plays, Non-fiction and Poetry.

Fern House Books

A small publishing venture which specialises in, yes, small books. We hope each one is as pleasing to look at as to read.


Songs and/or poems with music arranged and recorded by The Brollies, by Dez Allenby and myself.

Why Mouse and Muse?

The Mouse and Muse site is a bit like a virtual cupboard – but one which I can keep tidier than most real cupboards. I’m using it to store information about my writing and other work as well as taking the opportunity to keep a blog, when I feel like it. ‘The Mouse and the Muse’ was the title of a book I wrote many years ago to explore the creative use of computer technology in the teaching of English. It seems a neat way to combine the technical with the imaginative, so I’ve hung on to it.

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Trev’s Blog

Some reflections on books and writing as well as some interesting people and places.

This replaces the ‘Mouse and Muse too’ blog and starts afresh!

Westward Ho

There are enough pictures of pretty bays and beaches but you can never have too many gardens. So here is Diffryn Fernant, near Fishguard. Go see it, says Monty Don, so we did and he's right. It ranges from the cottage and kitchen garden areas near the house through...

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Wheelbarrows and Gardens 2019

The lengthy preparations paid off - another great weekend. The weather was dodgy but managed to stay clear enough for folk to wander the streets until half way through the Sunday afternoon which saw a heavy shower forcing Barrow Band to scamper for cover. The picture...

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South Asia in East Anglia

One of many intriguing carvings in the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts at UEA in Norwich. Here's another, looking very bemused by it all. The exhibits are eclectic, to say the least: from the Pacific, the Americas and Japan - interspersed with modern artworks, making...

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Winter Break

Off to somewhere warm and exotic? No, not at all.  Lovely North Wales and Conwy in particular. A castle, a walled town and views over the water from the chaise long in the bedroom while sipping a glass of something...  And only four hours away.  We couldn't resist...

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Raising a Glass

Well, many a glass was raised over the festive fortnight, though perhaps not as many as in younger days.  A whole Saturnalia without a hangover!  What is happening?  Good to see so many friends and relatives. Now, thanks to Dilys and John for the wine tokens, we can...

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