Ideas for Writing

I believe most writing can (or maybe should) be creative. A letter? Definitely. A school report? Worth a try! An instruction manual? Maybe then they would be read instead of ignored! Though it might be hard to be creative with your shopping list and still only get the things you need…

‘Creative writing’ began to have negative connotations in some areas because it was associated with lack of rigour, airy-fairy stuff that was of little value. There was a Creative Writing A Level planned a few years ago but the unimaginative Gradgrinds in charge of Education (you know who they are) soon binned that idea. I mean, how do you grade it?

If we continue to use the term ‘creative writing’ perhaps we could mean writing without a ‘practical’ purpose, not transactional or informational. Poems fit the category well as they give greater freedom to the writer than any other form of writing.  So here are some ways to get your pupils writing.

Lists       Cats      Angles      Sharpness      Tangles      The History of…

Teachers’ & Pupils’ Writing      Something completely different – E E Cummings

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