GCSE / Y 10-11

As it says in the introduction (in case you missed it) there are plenty of other sites which will ‘explain’ poems, spot ‘poetic features’ or offer comprehension questions. The key to both understanding and enjoyment, in my view, is involvement: you need to do something. Having said that, some resources I’ve included are simply aids to further thought or research, such as the letter from Cecil Day-Lewis’s son or the links for ‘Romney Marsh’.

Before You Were Mine    Blackberry Picking    Catrin – Gillian Clarke

Come Into the Garden Maud 1      Come Into the Garden Maud 2    Come into the garden Maud + queries

Tennyson’s Ulysses    Ulysses – the story continued…    John Clare – Summer Sonnet

Going Gently into Poems – Edward Thomas     Have some fun – E E Cummings

The Farmer’s Bride     Follower – Seamus Heaney     Home Thoughts from Abroad

How Do I Love Thee     My Last Duchess       My Parents Kept Me from Children Who Were Rough

Ozymandias 1    Ozymandias 2     Romney Marsh – John Davidson

The Sentry     The Soldier and Sentry Word Sort     Tissue – Imtiaz Dharker

To Autumn    Walking Away – Day-Lewis     Winter Swans – Owen Sheers

Interactive Word Walls    Bronte word wall    Basho word wall    Dickinson word wall

Personal Response – Innisfree   The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – Themes and Issues

William Blake – imposing meaning on poems

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