Poetry for Children and Young Adults

I’ve published lots of poems for children of all ages, both in anthologies and in my own collections. My first collection was Warning – Too Much Schooling Can Damage Your Health (first published by EJ Arnold and reprinted many times since though now, after 20 years, finally out of print). I was proud of the title; it applies to teachers and to children.  Double Talk was a collaboration with fellow poet Bernard Young and we also performed and did workshops together for a number of years. Good times. It also went through a number of reprints.  A Stegosaurus is for Life and other animal poems is what it says. All of these were illustrated with drawings by artists with a real feel for the peoms and their readers. NATE published a special edition of Exploding Heads and other poems reproduced in comic strip format to attract reluctant poetry readers. What larks. 

Most of my other poems appear in a whole lot of anthologies, from little softback books to lovely hardback editions.

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