This is a still-growing collection of teaching resources intended for teachers but available to anyone who may find them useful. Many first appeared on the website You will find a few more on the NATE website in the Illuminate area. They aim to promote the enjoyment of poetry both in the reading and the writing of it. There are plenty of other sites which will ‘explain’ poems, spot ‘poetic features’ or offer comprehension questions. The key to both understanding and enjoyment, in my view, is involvement: you need to do something. Having said that, some resources I’ve included are simply aids to further thought or research, such as the letter from Cecil Day-Lewis’s son or the links for ‘Romney Marsh’.

Mainly GCSE / Y10-11 resources

A level resources

General interest   What to do when students ‘Don’t Get It’ and similar problems

Techniques  Follow this link to find out more about some of the Techniques used in these resources:

Ideas for Writing  

Media Studies – Women’s Magazines – Feminism 

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