Underneath London’s Guildhall Art Gallery is a Roman amphitheatre and this, believe it or not, is it. In spite of (or perhaps because of) the 21st Century lighting effects, the space is very atmospheric. Above, the gallery reflects Victorian high art with some deliciously robust pictures.

I particularly like this one, which if I remember correctly, is called ‘Early to the Ball’ and reflects that sense of hanging about waiting for things to happen:

Around the corner and part of the same Guildhall complex is the Clockmaker’s Museum, wherein I discovered, of course, more about John Harrison. It houses his first clock, dated 1713 and made when he was 20:

The description reads: ‘Long case clock. Movement by John Harrison. Oak dial with date aperture. 8 day striking movement. Anchor escapement. Keyholes concealed behind lower spandrels. The earliest known clock by JH made when he was 20 years old. Signed John Harrison 1713 in ink on the calendar wheel.’

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