The garden has been our refuge and solace over the past weeks / months. But on Wednesday we finally broke out of our cocoon and, like butterflies, migrated to Harlow Carr, where we landed safely. And, not quite by coincidence, there were our friends Pete and Beena. Hurrah.

Entry was restricted to RHS members on a timed ticket basis, which worked well. The areas by water, whether streams or ponds, were especially gorgeous. On one of the more wooded walks we came across an astonishing fungus, one none of us recognised.

No Betty’s of course and no hot drinks or fat rascals on what was, following so many days of heat, a cold afternoon. So we turned for home, bolstered with the positive injection of friendship and flowers.
The gentle rain has helped a little but the plants must be waiting for the main course after the rather minimal starter.

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