Guedelon – the making of a castle. Having seen it on TV, we happened on the site almost by chance – it was a few miles from La Catanque campsite at St Fargeau. What an amazing place: the castle is slowly and painstakingly being constructed using medieval methods, funded by visitors and staffed by paid workers, apprentices and volunteers.


The ‘squirrel wheel’ really does its job of hoisting heavy loads of stone up the towers. This is a one-person version. There is another two-person wheel. Among the working areas for masons, carpenters, rope-makers and potters we were particularly taken by the dyer’s cottage.

So many other things to see… the amphitheatre and mosaic at Grand, for example, the pottery at Ratilly, the chateau and gardens at Joinville…  And some beautiful campsites, our favourite being La Forge de Ste Marie near Joinville, seen below at night.


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