From Donegal to Brittany via Wales, you can see similarities – not least in the place names. Brittany is famous for its stone monuments, of course, and the closest we’ve come across in the UK are in the Orkneys and Outer Hebrides, though Avebury comes close and Stonehenge is in a different class.. These stone lines are in Erdevan, near the more famous and more crowded Carnac.   As at Avebury, the road goes through the edge of the site!  Is that a finger I see pointing up on the right?

Elsewhere, there a new stone monuments in the process of creation. The photo at the top of this blog is from The Valley of the Saints in northern Brittany, where interpretations of the hundreds of Breton Saints are being installed.

Back in Ireland, here are two watery shots  of special places – the beach at Rosbeg and Lough Gill, home of the famous Lake Isle of Innisfree.


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