Reading and re-reading my dad’s gardening diaries, two of which I have transcribed and will be part of ‘The Son of the Secret Gardener’, has distracted me from other things, including this blog.  But not from my weekly poem for the Wildlife Trust 30-30 campaign. Now at Poem No 18 and raised £1,600+ with more to come, I know.  The changing weather and the equally ever-changing garden provide a lot of material. But this week’s is somewhat different and begins:

The guard has seen it all
a hundred times or more
almost always knowing
which one will get on board.
Looking over shoulders,
rearranging bags and cases,
checking watch or one of the
station clock’s four faces.
This time he’s not so sure.
Both seem strangely calm….
Let’s hope the good weather lasts until the weekend when we have our annual Wheelbarrow Festival in the village!

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