Our most recent Three Voices gig at The George included a new venture as we tried our melodramatic best to bring a short version of one of the Mummers (or Plough Jags) plays to life. It was, as you’ll see if you look at the YouTube link, pretty lively.


In need of rest and recuperation after such an expenditure of energy, we took the high road to Cumbria, Cockermouth to be precise. Wordsworth House is well worth a visit: a house rather than a stately home with items you’re allowed to touch!  This includes a harpsichord. Being a semi-skilled pianist, I was nervous to try it – but the sound was delicious. And the instrument, recently made, is a thing of beauty.

A different kind of beauty is exhibited by The Lodestone, a family built 46 foot boat, where friends entertained us to lunch as the wind whipped across the harbour.

The wind strong and the hawser twanging on the mast
we hunkered down in the cosy chaos of the cabin
became accustomed to the gentle rocking,
talked of foolish folk at sea or climbing Skiddaw in this weather.
And dug deep in bowls of rich green soup
seasoned with laughter and together
tasted the bread and cheese of easy friendship
while still the wind tested itself against the harbour walls.


Further down the coast at The Beacon centre in Whitehaven, we saw the Millom – Millum connection made explicit.  Whether the family name does derive from there we’re unlikely to ever know. If Millums migrated from here to Kent it would have been by sea. The Cumbria has many ports and so does the Kent/Sussex coast.



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