Our trip to the Deep South focused on Ramster Hall, just over the Sussex border in Surrey, where Tim and Helen celebrated their wedding. A grand do in a stunning setting – and great weather too. This, though, is a rare picture of us all dressed up.  Steve and Chris Carey making the Fab Four.  Earlier in our tour we visited Marcus Cornish, the sculptor who will be creating the John Harrison statue for Barrow. He is just about to begin the work, having spent the last weeks putting in a floor to his newly acquired barn studio.

And then there was a trip down memory lane to Hayling Island…  The area where we used to stay was unrecognizable – they’d even paved the roads!  The sea was the same but even the beach had changed: a long bank of shingle between the walkway and the beach is perhaps a better sea defence?   Out on Ferry Point at the West of the island, things looked more familiar and a small ferry is still operating over to Southsea and Portsmouth.

Quite a social motorhome trip, this one, as we visited Jim and Ann Crowe in Southbourne and caught up with Dan and Jen too.  Never an easy journey round London, though…

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