Gunby Hall is a little treasure (almost) hidden in south Lincolnshire, some way from most of the tourist trails. The house, now with many more rooms open, is well worth a visit. It isn’t so daunting as some of those magnificent mansions where you wonder if you want to see yet another portrait or four poster; there’s a real domesticity to it. But the icing on the cake is the garden, which is lovely and had a wonderful flush of colour in August when some gardens are fading. There are lots of ‘rooms’ as well as open spaces and we particularly liked the mix of flowers and vegetables.

Nearby is Tattershall Castle, an imposing pile and in remarkably good nick, considering it was left to fall into disrepair for many years. The interior is bare  but interesting and the views from the roof and turrets are magnificent. You can see a long way in south Lincolnshire!

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