After three years of planning and fund-raising, our John has finally taken his place in Barrow. It’s been a long story with many little setbacks but here he is at last.

The installation was feat of engineering in itself. First the two and a half ton stone plinth had to be lifted into place. The local school reporters looked on with wide eyes and rest of us held our breath. Located with casual skill by the worker with the remote control, it was then ‘glued’ into place.

Next came John himself. Rods in the feet and the bollard were very carefully located into the holes in the stone and then, gently, gently, the life size bronze was in place. Marcus was very, very relieved and at last allowed himself to relax and smile the sweet smile of a job exquisitely well done.

Some time when we are able, there will be a proper celebration but in the meantime… phew!! – time for a celebratory drink.

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