The Wildlife Trusts are calling for at least 30% of our land and sea to be connected and protected for nature’s recovery by 2030. Making more space for nature to become abundant once again will give our struggling wildlife the chance to recover and also restore beautiful wild places – places that store carbon and help to tackle the climate crisis.

“30% is the bare minimum that nature needs to start recovering but we are far short of this and need your help to turn things around…  By joining our mission for nature’s recovery, you will make a real difference to wildlife and our natural world. Every pound donated will help us achieve our vision for a wilder future.”

My aim is to write a poem each week for thirty weeks, starting on February 1st and finishing at the end of August. So I am looking for sponsors, of course.  

I have created a sponsorship page here:

You can pledge any amount per poem; as small or large as you like.  Just enter the total amount, i.e. times 30, in the donate box.  (20p per poem would be £6, for example.)  Or you may prefer to wait till I’ve done it!   If so, let me know that you want to be involved because everyone who helps will, naturally, receive a poem each week.

YOU CAN HELP: Not all poems will be about nature. And not all will be sonnets!  But I would welcome suggestions for themes.

More information:

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