Not surprisingly, getting Son of the Secret Gardener out into the world has occupied a lot of my time over the last couple of months. My PR person, Elly Donovan, has been fantastic and as a result I’ve done a lot of local radio interviews and got coverage in all manner of publications and blogs. We’ll see if it turns into sales!  Many of you will know the story – my grandfather was gardener to Frances Hodgson Burnett while she was at Maytham Hall in Kent. It was there she had the idea for The Secret Garden. The book tells the story of how I discovered the connections with the Millums. It also includes two of the diaries my dad kept when he was a gardener in the 1930s and 40s. These I have carefully and painstakingly transcribed and they give an insight into the work that went on in the big gardens of the ‘gentry’.

The book has been brought alive thanks to the wonderful illustrations by Twink Addison, herself a keen gardener.

The book is available from the usual outlets, including Amazon, though I do urge you to buy it from a real bookshop if you can. If you want a signed copy, of course, you’ll have to get one from me.

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